Practices — Corporate and Financial

Bankruptcy, restructuring and crisis management

ELLED Law Firm – especially in relation to the new Italian Law on Insolvency Procedures – assures thorough guidance for corporations and groups experiencing financial distress that is jeopardising their business as a whole, as well as firms that have already defaulted on payments.

In the area of Insolvency and Restructuring, the Firm advises and assists Clients in relation to insolvency procedures, including legal defence within lawsuits against the company, its directors and auditors. It can also provide advice concerning out-of-court settlements between the parties to litigation (such as banks, suppliers and creditors), where applicable with the aim of rescuing and restructuring the insolvent company. In some cases, our lawyers have also acted as administrators within insolvency proceedings.

A number of our staff has gained significant experience in relation to the restructuring of insolvent enterprises, having acted as extraordinary directors (including for companies that have returned to solvency) and is involved in recovery and reorganisation plans for major corporations, including listed corporations.

Specific and extensive expertise in this area is also ensured by the fact that one of the partners of the Firm is a Professor in “Crisis and Company Restructuring”.