Practices — Corporate and Financial

Banking and Financial Institutions

ELLED Law Firm assists banking, insurance and financial Clients (such as brokers, holding companies, stock brokerage firms, open-ended collective investment scheme companies, investment funds, investment management companies, venture capitalists, private equity houses) and industrial business operators in all transactions (including corporate transactions) that directly or indirectly trigger the application of special legislation regulating banking, financial, antitrust and supervisory activities, also drafting all relevant agreements.

Our Firm provides a key support on issues relating to SEC rulings, whether domestic or international, trusts, liability for the provision of investment services and in the management of individual assets and collective investment schemes and related penalties imposed by the competent authorities.

We have acquired considerable experience in relation to:

  • setting up and developing financing transactions, including in relation to extraordinary company operations (capital increases for listed companies and bonds issues, both listed and unlisted), takeover bids (including management buyouts and leveraged buyouts) and company restructuring;
  • drafting and negotiation of joint and several guarantee contracts in support of financing and restructuring deals;
  • establishing and managing of closed-end funds, open-end funds and real estate investment, also concerning related side-agreements; 
  • listing of financial instruments issued by listed corporations, including due guarantees drafting of IPO and stock swap agreements.